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Use this simple trick to turn your book into a popular (birthday) gift

Most authors assume the success of their book is measured by the number of sales during the launch. All real successful authors will tell you this is a long term game. Start playing the long-term game and stop missing out on huge long-term opportunities.

A better way to spread your time, money and energy in percentages.

➤ Pre-launch
➤ Launch
➤ Post launch

A better way to spread your time, money and energy in percentages.

Now instead of focusing on one short term goal, I recommend to set up systems to significantly increase the likelihood of having long term success. That’s why I’m going to share one simple system that will increase the impact and sales of your book. Once you’ve set up this system it can run 24/7 on autopilot.

What is the opportunity?

  1. As you might know 25% of all books are purchased as a gift! This gives you the opportunity to frame your book as the perfect gift.
  2. Facebook and Instagram have so much data - that you have the possibility to create an ad and show it to people who are likely to purchase your book as a gift.

Let me show you how it’s done.

How to frame your book as a popular gift?

It’s all about the intention of the gift giver and the promise of your book. When you give someone a book as a gift your intention is to give the outcome / result / transformation, not just a book.

So if the promise of your book is “go through life feeling energized.”. The framing could be: “Gift the wisdom to go through life feeling energized.

Example Facebook and Instagram ads:

Example Facebook and Instagram ads

How to reach the right people at the right time?

I’ll show you by using Facebook and Instagram ads manager. They are the only platform with this targeting option. But you can use any ad platform, be creative with your targeting!

Step 1. Target people on Facebook and Instagram whose friends will have their birthdays within a week.

If you select this option the algorithm will do it’s best to show your advertisement to the right people at the right time.

Pro tip: Also target people with upcoming birthdays.

This might sound strange, but the ad is relevant for people who have an upcoming birthday. These are the people who might tag their friends because they would love to receive your book as a gift. ;)

Step 2. Make your audience more specific.

If your book is about a healthy lifestyle I recommend to target people with these interests. Their friends are likely to have similar interests. No, this is not air tight but I want to help you avoid spending too much budget on the wrong audience. If the subject of your book is relevant for everyone you can skip this step.

Important: Hit the “Narrow Further” button, to make your audience more specific.

Now add interests:

How much budget should I spend? 

See this campaign as an everlasting campaign you’re ‘never’ going to turn off. If you don’t push the algorithm to spend your money, the algorithm will spend your money more wisely. I recommend investing between 1 - 10 dollars per day - for at least a year.

1 dollar a day = 365 dollar / year (reach ±48.666 people)
10 dollars a day = 3650 dollars / year (reach ±486.666 people)

So make the decision based on how much you want to invest for the next 365 days.

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